How to make your business run more efficiently

Whether you have one team member or many, a home office or a multi-site company, there are likely to be areas of the business that could run more smoothly and efficiently.

So how do you achieve ‘office utopia’? Here are our top tips for the ultimate business efficiency!

Systemise everything!

Writing processes and procedures is probably one of the most laborious and hated tasks by staff members. However, the initial pain of completing the documents is far outweighed by the benefit of having everything outlined and documented.

It enables your business to continue running whilst team members are off sick or on holiday, it allows for more efficient and effective training, and reduces the amount of inconsistency from each team member going about things in a slightly different way.

Do a task audit

It is an amazingly eye-opening experience completing task audits. For one week, write down everything that you do during your working day (and get your staff members to do the same). Even including the finer detail like opening the post or making a cup of tea.

When you have completed the audit for the week, go back through and determine which of the tasks need to be delegated or reassigned, which need to be continued because only you can achieve them, and which may need to be stopped altogether because they are no longer needed. By determining whether you are really the right person to be doing a task or whether another staff member could do it instead, and whether the task is even really necessary you can move towards a more efficient working week.

Set clear reporting channels

Do each of your staff members have position descriptions and know exactly what is expected of them?

There are many instances where work is not completed simply due to someone not really knowing what the task is, or the expected outcome. By having clear reporting channels for staff to work through and also clear process documents, this bottleneck will ease and more work will be finished.

Conduct only relevant meetings

A major source of inefficiency in the majority of companies is meetings. This is usually because a meeting will be held for the sake of holding a meeting, then items will be banded around but nothing really actioned or concluded.

By setting clear agendas for each meeting and knowing the outcomes that should be achieved, plus following this with clear action points for each person, they become more productive and more efficient.

Do you have any tips for ensuring business efficiency?

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