A recruitment agency – that’s just for an executive hire right?!

Many businesses feel apprehensive about hiring recruitment agencies to do their people searching for them because they feel that recruitment agencies are often just for the large corporate firms to find executives.

However, the reality is that recruitment agencies can provide valuable time and resource saving for all businesses whether looking for an assistant to manage the administration load or a new general manager. This is also true regardless of whether you are searching for a part-time or temporary staff member, or trying to fill a long-term vacancy.

The trick is to find a recruitment agency that suits your particular needs.

So what can a recruitment agency do for you?

  • Ascertain your exact needs for the vacancy that you wish to fill
  • Outline all of the legal requirements that you need to consider when expanding your team
  • Advertise your position across multiple channels including; job search sites, in-agency job boards and social media
  • Collect and process all applications and select the best candidate based on the right skills, knowledge level, experience and aptitude
  • Provide a shortlist of suitable candidates for you to conduct interviews and/or conduct interviews on your behalf
  • Carry out reference checks for your chosen candidates

And the benefit of all of this?

It saves you valuable time and resources when going through the recruitment process to expand your team. The recruitment agency has the expertise to know exactly how to optimise your vacancies to attract the best candidates for your position.

The more information that a recruitment agency has about your business, the exact requirements of the job and the type of organisational culture that is within, the more successful the search will be. The old adage ‘hire for attitude, train for skill’ although not to be taken literally – the staff member does still need to have suitable skills or potential skills to carry out the work required, certainly speaks volumes, with a good team fit being imperative to the success of the hire.

So regardless of whether you need a part-time team member to complete some additional work for 10 hours per week, or a full-time Chairman of the Board, a recruitment agency can save you time, money and provide the relevant expertise to ensure you find the right person.

The Office Connection Nowra offers recruitment services for full-time placements and temporary. They specialise in recruitment of administration and secretarial positions but can offer advice and expertise across any industry. For more information, call Kathleen on: 1300 394 505 or visit www.theofficeconnection.com.au